Who am I?

I am a researcher in astrophysics at French CNRS , and my first passion is cosmology. I can have an expert opinion but only in my field of research! It is worth clarifying that I have no authority in the field of climate science, but I can read scientific papers and understand their methods and conclusions.

On this blog, I discuss numerous aspects related to global warming, ressources depletion, fossil fuel usage, and more generally the future of our societies. I present as much as I can the sources of what I write, as I am striving to detail the critical situation that our species faces.

Everything was already in the famous report “The limits of growth” back in 1972, but we preferred to put our heads in the sand than to organize the future. Of course at that time the consequences of our unlimited growth were only to be felt in the middle of the XXIst century, and it seemed so remote that it was easy to forget. Here we are now, facing the limits.